stsC CLUB.

Welcome to our exciting STSC Club launch of the world’s first circular zero-plastic stretch textile for activewear, underwear and apparel that is both 100% home compostable and non-toxic while breaking down plus offering our Circular Textile Waste Service to repurpose all "unwearables" (atm in Australia only)

In addition to offering unique fabrics to meet the Mill's 1000 metre MOQ our goal is to give all eco-minded designers from around the globe an opportunity to also design and sell plastic-free knit garments. 


We aim to distribute it as fast as possible to help replace the existing toxic synthetic options that are shedding plastic and impacting the health of the environment, humans and animals; including rPET textiles that just recycle the plastic back into the supply chain instead of removing where possible.  And thanks to this new bio-polymer stretch yarn and our take-back service, it is possible to both remove and replace.  

We've used the world’s first Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Gold Level Certified™ premium stretch yarn to blend with natural fibres and use circular design systems to become 100% compostable and safely close the loop.  We blend with Birla™ Modal, EcoVero™ and GOTS Organic Cotton and replaced the synthetic stretch with this ground breaking new bio-polymer stretch.

To fast track this the STSC Club is offering low 22 metre minimums on two special textiles via an Expression of Interest ordering process.  All other textiles including the specialty activewear knits under development will remain at the 1000 metre MOQs and if/when we can, we will do a Club offer on those too.  Prices and full details to EOI Order below.

OPTION 1. #4 BROAD RIB 98% GOTS organic cotton, 2% bio stretch in white - 385 gsm

The white is to also offer designers the ability to dye themselves or use our pure plant based bulk dye specialists in India.

OPTION 2. #5 RIB 97% GOTS organic cotton, 3% bio stretch in a very diverse beautiful melange indigo - 230gsm


Designers can also purchase our natural tree rubber elastic combined with organic cotton and it too will breakdown naturally in compost.  Available at 25 metres, 100 metre and 1000 metre MOQs.


A circular system is to design out both waste and pollution therefore we have created a world first circular design system to safely close the loop.  

We encourage you to engage with customers to support repair, recycling, home composting and circular design then when the product is unwearable, customers can choose between composting the bio-stretch fabrics and put on their veggie garden or use your Take-Back Service.


We can set up an Australia-based Take-Back Service for you via our Circular Textile Waste Service where all unwearable and unusable textile garments and homewares are sorted and dismantled with our Disability Enterprise partners then repurposed through our 19 circular streams including making high quality products such as carpet, sports equipment and furniture.


Plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfill all the while shedding plastic microfibres into the soil and waterways that can end up in oceans, sea life, seafood and humans.  Our stretch bio polymer takes around 300 days to breakdown and sheds zero toxic microfibres when washed and when composting.  To mitigate carbon emissions further we are trialling a unique accelerated composting service - details below.


By purchasing via the STSC Club group order you will be at the forefront of design using the latest sustainable, ethical and circular textiles. 


This collection is developed to use in a variety of garments including underwear, activewear and apparel.  The fabrics range from single jersey knits to rib knits plus our heavier weights for activewear are currently in development.  These premium standard textiles are set to extend the life of quality made garments.

The Mill requires a minimum order of 1000 metres therefore through the STSC Club we have selected two knits to concentrate on so designers can order a minimum of 10kg equalling 22 metres or more.  Stepped pricing is offered if you would like to increase the volume by increments of 10kg (= 22 metres for 10 kg).  Once the full 1000 metre MOQ is reached we will contact you so you can order swatches and approve the order.  This may be the first of many group purchases of STSC's compostable bio-stretch fabrics.



Read below how the Expression of Interest ordering system works and about the Accelerated Composting Service and Circular Textile Waste Service.​

Download the Price List #1 for pricing on others in this collection and click here for additional information on the Bio-Polymer Stretch Yarn.