GOTS organic cotton garment ELASTIC with
natural rubber

An estimated timeframe is based on MOQs therefore please send a PO/Wishlist with details.   The look of the elastic cannot be altered on these MOQs but may be possible by request for larger MOQs eg 1000 metres - send a request.  NOTE orders over 100 metres will be quoted after receiving your PO/Wishlist.


Therefore we offer the two options:

1. to re-use the textiles and materials in a circular design method, through our work at the Circular Centre and our Circular Textile Waste Service we can take back garments with this bio rubber and ensure it is commercially laundered and then put into other high quality products such as carpet, underlay, sound proofing, punching bags and more where the rubber and any elastane acts as a glue agent ensuring the end products are non toxic, have already off-gassed and are suitable for putting into products that will be used inside and support both people and planet.  Note you and your customers can also commercially launder however we would need a Laundry certificate.



2. Pair this elastic with our stretch fabrics using world’s first Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Gold Level Certified™ premium stretch yarn, and blended with EcoVero™, Modal™ and GOTS organic cotton.

COMPOSTING.  Natural rubber will biodegrade however only in specific conditions including water and bugs so if its sent to landfill its likely to sit under other waste items and remain dry and not biodegrade but cause carbon emissions.  You may wish to instruct customers on how to correctly compost and/or participate in our Accelerated Composting Take-Back Service available to our new 100% compostable Bio-polymer Stretch fabrics through our Circular Textile Waste Service.


  • Max. 40 degrees machine wash (the shrinkage is at a maximum of 5%)

  • Iron on a medium level if necessary

  • We recommend liquid detergents - for the sake of the environment and the materials

  • Do not tumble dry

5mm width