All businesses are accredited to one of the following or are currently using non-AZO dyes and are in the process of becoming accredited but this takes time and money.

There is a variation of dyes that we offer depending on the fabric.

Should you wish to have STSC manage a unique dyeing job for you then this is an additional Consultancy service to cover the time taken to do the job.

We will discuss with you your colour choices, decide on a method, order the fabrics, do colour testing on 1-3 metres per colour way, gain your approval, then proceed with full dye job.


Global Organic Textile Standard.

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"Chemical inputs used by textile processors must comply with the corresponding GOTS criteria. Accordingly manufacturers and suppliers of dyestuffs, pigments and auxiliary agents can get their products approved on corresponding 'letters of approval' issued by certifiers who have been approved for this specific task."


The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.

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For creating dyes for our fabrics such as Lenzing Eco-fabrics, we use the Pantone Colour Charts.

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plus the Pantone Colour Charts to help select colours for your textile orders.


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Dyeing is a complex procedure when striving to make it as environmentally sustainable as possible and we believe that dyeing with plants is the most environmentally sound. 

Our plant dye mills are highly experienced and dye bulk lots and achieve the highest standards.  Clients must be aware that with plant dyes the outcomes are not always uniform and cannot be compared with no-fault chemical dyes and finishes therefore the fabrics may change after each wash - we like to think of it as giving you a new coloured garment even though the changes may be small and incremental over time.




Ayurvastra Fabrics – Natural, organic yarns are dyed by hand using plants that contain medicinal properties.

The dye bath infuses the fibers with the lovely natural colours of these plants, along with their healing components. The yarns are then woven into fabric, and made into clothing or bedding. 


See some of the fabrics we currently offer and contact us for the potential to develop  your own Ayurvastra  medicinal textiles.