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We aim to "do good, not just less bad”.  We have designed out both waste & plastic pollution

STSC has created a stretch textile plus a circular system that incorporates a smart thread to allow our clients to provide traceability, connect to existing supply chain systems plus loop back into our Circular Textile Waste Service (or your own system) to recollect, reuse, repair, resell and ultimately compost.



Natural fibers blended with ROICA™ V550.  Interlock, Single Jersey & Rib Knits. CircStretch knit collection is for activewear, swimwear, underwear, socks, uniforms, apparel, socks etc.

STSC's CircStretch collection blends natural fibers with ROICA™ V550, the world’s first Cradle To Cradle® Products Innovation Institute Gold Level Material Health Certified elastane yarn that is also Certified by the Hohenstein Institute as 100% non-toxic as it breaks down.

By using compostable natural fibres, Cradle To Cradle® and Bluesign® dyes plus 2% to 20+% ROICA™ V550, this ensures zero harmful microplastics are left in the environment and finally a solution has arrived for stretch clothing to cause zero harmful plastic pollution made with our CircStretch can be home composted.  ​



Degradability in biological atmosphere without releasing harmful substances Giving the stretch solution for end-of-life cycle ™ ROICA V550 Degradability of ROICA™ V550 Life cycle by using ROICA™ V550 (Hohenstein and C2C)

This yarn is a pioneer in eco-circular stretch which end-of-life smartly breaks down without releasing harmful substances based on Hohenstein Environmental Compatibility Certificate, becoming nutrients for a continuous cycle.  It is a world-first, Cradle to Cradle-Certified™ stretch(elastane) yarn with a Material Health Gold Level Certificate.

ROICA™ is certified as OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, Class1.

*Class1 certification is the product for babies and children up to the age of 36 months.

Environmentally friendly and safe for the biological environment, based on toxicological assessments and on practical investigations on biodegradability

Suitable for typical applications in textile products, which are designed for the biological environment. Decomposed to CO2 and Water after degradation.  Tested at the Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG in a soil burial test following DIN EN ISO 11721-2:2003.

The tested article was incubated for 360 days under outdoor field conditions in microbiologically active soil. Based on examinations of the for 360 days utilized soil in Luminescent bacteria test (following DIN EN ISO 11348-1), Daphnia test (following DIN EN ISO 6341), ELS test (following DIN EN ISO 15088) the tested article was rated as non-ecotoxic.

Degradation test under ISO14855 in process for the aim of end of life cycle. 

ISO STANDARD This method is designed to simulate typical aerobic composting conditions for the organic fraction of solid mixed municipal waste (which is why we encourage home composting in microbiologically active soil as landfill often remains dry and non-aerated).  Under these conditions its been reported Roica V550 may take 5 years to breakdown safely back to soil.

NOTE. We are aware that opinions on ROICA V550 is being shared labeling it as "greenwashing" however STSC stands by the rigorous testing by third-party certifiers showing to be non-ecotoxic as it breaks down and that this biodegradation and compost testing is still underway and the advanced degradation tests suggest 1-2 years stating "the yarn is able to breakdown faster in microbiologically active soil." along with the certification that it will not leave toxic plastic microfibre pollution. 

All other elastane leaves this form of pollution for approximately 200 years with the toxins connected to carcinogens and hormone disruptors in addition to more toxins from non-eco dyes. 

STSC feel that given the necessity for stretch in garments that the innovation of Roica V550 should be supported.  We are conducting our own compost testing to establish a take-back system that will result in accelerated commercial composting to mitigate emissions even further.  This is to provide a service especially for garments worn close to the body such as underwear, socks and activewear that are difficult to recycle.

In light of the information STSC are pleased to support such an innovation and to help reduce toxic plastic pollution going into our waterways, oceans, sea-life, seafood and humans.

In addition, the blends and other base fibres own certification this premium textile provides longevity for garments that can also be repaired and kept for longer life-cycle. 



We blend the ROICA™ V550 with 
- Modal. TENCEL™ Modal and Birla Cellulose™ Modal
- Viscose: LENZING™ EcoVero™ and Birla Cellulose LivaEco
- Cotton: GOTS Organic Cotton and GRS Recycled Cotton blend

Our unique collection is non-toxic and 100% compostable.  The majority of the textile is natural fibres that break down in soil in around 8 weeks*.  The difference between CircStretch and every other stretch textile is the fossil fuel textiles create plastic microfibres and microplastics taking hundreds of years to break down.

The small percentage of bio-stretch is also capable of breaking down in microbiologically active home compost and may take only 1-2 years depending on the compost. 

  • 65 to 98% of CircStretch is made from the highest quality sustainable natural cellulosic fibres like Lenzing’s CarbonNeutral® TENCEL™ Modal lyocell and ECOVERO™ viscose. 

  • Plus we use GOTS organic cotton and GRS certified recycled cotton. These base yarns promote garment longevity and can compost in microbiologically active soil in approximately 8 weeks.

  • The revolutionary ROICA V550 stretch component requires only 2-15% which will take approximately 1-2 days to break down in a microbiologically active home compost as opposed to all other products taking 100+ years causing plastic pollution.


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In 2021 we created CircStretch; a collection of textiles that use non-toxic dyes and the world’s first Cradle to Cradle® Gold Standard certified stretch yarn. It reduces carbon emissions and is non-toxic with rapid composability that results in zero pollution.

An embedded smart thread allows us to provide traceability to loop back into the Circular Textile Waste Service and reuse, repair, resell and ultimately compost.

Our Circular Textile Precincts can collect, instantly electronically authenticate and then divert garments for reuse, repair, redesign or composting.  STSC have spent over a year working with the Japanese inventors of  ROICA™ V550 along with our specialized mills in India and China to develop the CircStretch collection to combat the global problem of plastic pollution. 

CircStretch is a vital textile to help combat the growing false promotion that “recycled plastic” is environmentally sound and try address the devastating impact resulting from its increased consumption.

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