Sustainable stretch fabric for swimwear, activewear, lingerie and apparel. 
Premium standard textiles developed to extend the life of quality made garments.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ home Compostable Stretch fabrics

STSC has developed CircStretch - a range of new stretch jersey knit fabrics blending the world’s first Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Gold Level Certified™ premium stretch yarn with certified natural fibres to make it 100% home compostable in just 300 days as opposed to 200-1000 plus non-toxic as it breaks down.

The new CircStretch textile range replaces both virgin and recycled synthetic textiles for all garments requiring stretch.  Even when recycling polyester, nylon, plastic bottles and fishing nets into yarn and textiles, they shed plastic microfibres in the millions in production and thousands in a washing machine.  The synthetic fibres are known hormone disruptors and carcinogens and end up in our waterways, soil, oceans, sealife, seafood and eventually animal and human food supply chain. 

The main yarns we've chosen are Tencel™ Modal and Birla™ Modal, Lenzing™ EcoVero™, GOTS Organic Cotton and Fairtrade GOTS Organic cotton.

The dyes we use are either Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) or Bluesign®


Our fabrics range from single jersey knits to rib knits and heavier weights for activewear.  Garments can be paired with our Natural rubber elastic with organic cotton and Tencel™ thread so the entire garment is home compostable.


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MOQs and Expression of Interest if ordering below 1000 metres

We have combined performance and sustainability to offer the next generation of stretch garments that will ultimately biodegrade in home composting systems plus we are trailing an Accelerated Composting system as part of our Circular Take-Back Service for fashion and apparel businesses to be Zero Textile Waste Certified.

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OPTION 1. MOQs are currently 1000 metres. See fabrics below.  Widths 160cm/63" plus or minus 5%

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OPTION 2. STSC can develop unique blends for your specific garment purposes.

OPTION 3. Order via the STSC CLUB
Choose from two fabric options where we offer low minimum MOQs via an Expression of Interest.