Batch 5 - (closes at COB today 22/3/19)

1. 100% EcoVero Knit Jersey, 150gsm, black - 10 metres

2. 100% EcoVero woven, 90gsm, white - 10 metres.

- coming soon 100% EcoVero woven, 130gsm, white - probably in a months time so let me know if keen.

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  • LENZING™ ECOVERO™: viscose fibres that have been obtained from sustainable wood and pulp and come from certified and controlled sources.


you can see examples here:

And read more about EcoVero and Lenzing 

If you want to feel similar fabric then stores like Spotlight do sell viscose and sometimes Lenzing's Tencel.  Due to EcoVero's advanced sustainability, note that this fabric has an earthier feel and is "less cool".  It is more eco-friendly than even Tencel with 99.8% closed loop capture and in my opinion feels a lot nicer.


It is definitely better for the planet, even much better than organic cotton as its drastically lower water used in farming plus a closed-loop yarn production.  


​Comes with EcoVero swing tags with accreditation to help with your PR plus help customers understand its eco-fabric transparency.


Should you wish to have it printed with lox-toxic dyes in digital print, or batik, screen print or hand dyed with pure plant based dyes, send an email with your request details and I will refer you to my CMT in Ahmedabad.