banana fibre & organic cotton. hybric eco-blend

Commercial high-volume hybrid eco-blend fabric using 50% recycled farm waste from the inner pseudo stem of a banana plant and blending with 50% GOTS organic cotton.

The banana stem has a unique physical and chemical characteristic that holds the potential to make fine quality fibre, especially from the silky soft inner layer of the pseudo stem.  It is light weight, highly strong, very long fibres with low elongation and has good moisture absorption and release characteristics.

When blended with their GOTS organic cotton, the banana yarn and fabric has a similar feel and texture to canvas or linen. After its first wash in 90 degrees we found the rough feel minimised.  This fabric will need a lining suitable for the garment and one that minimises the scratchy feel such as our GOTS organic cotton twill.


this fabric follows our dedication to "Wealth From Waste" fabrics and by using the banana plant waste-by-product, the fabric’s water consumption is lower given it was originally grown for food, as opposed to flax crops grown specifically to produce linen. 

Read more about the Tamil Nadu Agricultural Universities Eco Green Unit who support banana farmers to secure a Fibre Extraction Machine.