ayurveda face masks

Handloom GOTS organic cotton masks that have been hand dyed with Ayurveda medicinal plants that were collected from their local forest and then imbued into the cloth before hand weaving.  There is a lot of information & FAQs in each listing to read & answer questions.

Colours are from plant dyes that are "alive" and given the quantity of fabrics they are making the colours are estimates, ie each dye batch will be unique and not "perfect" like with synthetic dyes.   Click on a listing below to see further details including washing instructions.

See below the two types of Ayurvastra face masks: 
TYPE 1. Two layered face mask          

TYPE 2. Single layer face mask


TYPE 1.  Two layers of fabric.
This double layered face mask
 has elastic to go around the ears. 
Colours. 6 different colour combinations imbued with 50 different herbal Ayurveda plants .
Primary herbs are neem and turmeric to give them medicinal support and colours. 

  1. pink/white-ish,

  2. khaki-ish

  3. natural/beige/brown-ish

  4. blue/indigo

  5. purple

  6. bright pink/sandalwood

PRICING for Double layer masks.  Order online & pay additional bank fees or send a Purchase Order for zero fees.
We ship direct worldwide.  Price does not include freight from Kerala.

  • Minimum order of 20 =100 masks cost $AUD8 per mask

  • Order 101 to 499 masks -  cost $AUD7.5 per mask

  • Order 500 to 999 masks -  cost $AUD7 per mask

  • Order 1000+ masks -  cost $AUD6 per mask