ALOE VERA & organic cotton. hybric eco-blend

Commercial high-volume hybrid eco-blend fabric using recycled farm waste from Aloe Vera plants and GOTS organic cotton.

The Aloe Vera plant is known as the “Lily of the Desert” and the “plant of immortality” due to its medicinal effects. 

The plant consists of 96% water and the leaf itself contains 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds and 12 vitamins.  The content of the plant is known the help to rejuvenate skin cells, formation of healthy dermis, fights against skin damage and keeps the skin free from microbial infections.


The cosmetic industry’s increase in demand for Aloe Vera Gels, has seen a rise in farming land designated to Aloe Vera cultivation in India.

The Aloe Vera plant’s outer skin is rich in fibre and perfect to extract to be blended with organic cotton and made into fabric.

This blend has an excellent softness and fabric feel that is similar to bamboo, only bamboo is a crop grown specifically for fabric production, and the aloe vera is a waste-by-product, and its water consumption was used initially for the gel growth, typically throwing away the skin.

Incorporating the medicinal values of the plant, the fabric not only keeps the skin healthy, but it also has a high absorption point and provides the plants anti-bacterial features.

Aloe Vera blends are perfect for products used closed to the skin such as active wear, t-shirts, undergarments, baby clothes and wraps plus bed linen and pillow covers.

The fabrics are certified Fair Trade, plus GOTS (Global Organic Textile System), BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), Global Recycle Standard and the Textile Exchange.