activewear consulting

Book an appointment to discuss fabrics and production with STSC's ActiveWear expert Ginia Chu.  


The first appointment with Ginia is not rebated because her knowledge and expertise is very specialised and her process is to guide you through the complicated stages of ActiveWear fabric creation and production that will result in helping you to avoid the common mistakes that waste money, time and resources.

1. a. Pay for an appointment with Ginia 

then send an email requesting an appointment day/time either at the Sydney studio or via Skype.

b. purchase the ActiveWear Sample Book

2. Download and fill in the ActiveWear Request Form to start the process to help us ascertain the types of garments you want to produce and which fabrics are of interest so we can tailor an appointment to your requirements.

We use Google Sheets to track the communication around textile requests. Please open this link for access permission and use it to tell us as much detail as you can. 

Ginia will discuss and help with aspects of textiles, full production from design to dyeing or printing to manufacturing.  

You can learn more about the types of textiles you will see from seeing the specific ActiveWear Sample Book.

Below is an indication of the fabrics you will see and/or receive:

1. TENCEL™ X REFIBRA™ 92%- Spandex 8% - Heavy Weight. Activewear Knitted Single Jersey 240gsm 

2. 92% Organic Cotton 8% Spandex, 160gsm

3. 94% Modal 6% Elastane, 170gsm

4. 95% Tencel 5% Spandex, 180gsm

5. 68% Tencel 27% Cotton* 5% Spandex, 220gsm

6. 47% Tencel 47% Cotton* 6% Spandex, 210gsm

7. 70% Recycled Polyester 30% Spandex, 250gsm

8.  83% Recycled Polyester 17% Spandex, 250gsm

9. 85% Recycled Polyester 15% Spandex, 140gsm

10. 75% Recycled Nylon 25% Lycra, 220gsm

11. 75% Recycled Nylon 25% Spandex, 250gsm

12. 75% Recycled nylon 25% Spandex, 220gsm

13. 92% Tencel and 8% Spandex, 260gsm

14. 84% Tencel 16% Spandex, 180gsm

15. Super Modal 65% Modal 35% Spandex, 280gsm

Note *Regular cotton at the moment, however this can be changed by request to organic cotton or recycled cotton and depends on MOQ.