The STSC Database will develop and promote numerous sustainable textile supply chains throughout India.  These small to large businesses work in close-proximity to each other and currently produce environmentally sustainable textiles and products. 


In a world first, the fashion and interiors label EMBROID, will focus on “waste materials” and will showcase banana and pineapple fibre textiles, plus create unique hybrid eco-textiles to make contemporary products. 


Working in unison, our vision is to create a global market and industry that currently does not exist, to promote true sustainable eco-textiles ethically made in India, and encourage designers and businesses worldwide to use sustainable materials and practices.


Capitalising on the world’s fast-growing interest in eco-products, plus existing “Make In India” initiatives, EMBROID are working to engage people along the entire supply chain from farmers and entrepreneurs, through to handicrafts and handloom skills training initiatives and Cluster Group setups in regions throughout India.

The STSC Database is currently in draft format, access to the start of the listings page can be found HERE to view how the database will eventually look.