As I say on my Mission Statement, STSC is my pledge to help make a change in my world as influenced by the brilliant pacifist activist, Mahatma Gandhi.  

Through the sales of our products we aim to purchase Fibre Extraction Machines to gift to farming communities through the Eco Green Unit initiative set up by the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, called the Wealth From Waste Project". 


Please learn more here and support the communities who make our products.


Supporting STSC's  ”wealth from waste" philosophy we work with the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s Eco Green Unit, to support farming communities to help purchase Fibre Extraction Machines so they can extract and sell their crop waste instead of paying high prices to have it removed, which is then often burnt, adding to local air pollution.  

Our Plant Sylk range is made from 100% aloe Vera, banana, corn, milk and rose petals all from organic sources, made into cellulosic natural fabrics.

We support cotton farmers who transfer to organic crops and sell GOTS certified organic cotton, regular organic cotton and recycled cotton blends.  Our Mill is the first manufacturer in South India to recycle cotton yarn into fabrics using the Ringspun method. This enables blends of 60% post-consumer waste and pre-consumer knitted garments' cut waste, mixed with 40% virgin organic cotton. 

We sell organic cotton fabrics made using the beautiful handloomed Khadi technique that is both hand-spun and hand loomed in the same way as made famous by Mahatma Gandhi.   

We especially love our unique Ayurvastra handloom organic cotton fabric that is hand dyed using pure plant-based dyes plus infused with Ayurvedic medicinal plants, carrying the 5,000 year-old Indian natural medical practice known as Ayurveda, which is a sister science to yoga and meditation.  

This handloom society was set up 29 years ago to give women weavers a fair wage.  These artisans take great care in collecting up to 1200 herbal plants from nearby herbal forest, the Augestya Forests Range to put into the yarn.


​STSC is proud to represent LENZING™, who make a range of world-renowned cellulosic eco-yarns that are the highest accredited made in a closed-loop system from wood pulp that is sourced from sustainable forests which hold Europe's highest sustainable certification.

Woven fabrics include 100% Tencel™​ and Tencel™ Denim plus Tencel™​LUXE (eco-couture for luxury brands) and blends.  We also wholesale their newest and most environmentally sustainable and biodegradable yarns, ECOVERO™​ and REFIBRA™​  plus Jersey knits using 100% ECOVERO™​ and blends.  LENZING™ footwear is soon to come.


​As Lenzing produce the yarn, STSC have developed sustainable supply chains to create the finished eco-fabric.  We have selected several commercial mills in India, Indonesia and Japan who use some of the most advanced production equipment including biological water waste and chemical treatment and conservation systems.

STSC wholesale beautiful, ethically sourced Peace Silks and blends; all made from cocoons where the silk worms live in an organic environment and have been supported to evacuate as moths naturally and were not boiled alive.  Additionally this silk is degummed without using chemicals as is the method used in making traditional silk.  

We are proud to be working with eco-sericulture specialists who are a rural co-op to produce our organic Peace Silk.  STSC has also been been selected by Lenzing as one of their exclusive wholesalers to sell their new luxury product Tencel™​LUXE.


STSC have worked carefully to create these supply chains and offers a wide range of fabrics, plus develop entirely new blends and gsms.   We are in the process of creating a unique range of luxury fabrics exclusive to STSC, using Tencel Luxe and Peace Silk blends, which we believe will be the world’s most sustainable and ethical eco-couture fabrics.

​STSC also ensures that we only wholesale fabrics that are either dyed using GOTS accredited low-toxic dyes or pure plant-based dyes; addressing our key concerns of water conservation, clean water preservation and minimal negative environmental impact in our supply chains. 

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi


Director, STSC and the Circular Fashion Centre and Circular Economy Summit

Alison is an activist campaigning for the rights of women and girls, and cares passionately for the future of our shared environment.


Her career path is a perfect match to bring her PR skills, event coordination, marketing and fine art expertise together, to follow her passion and create EMBROID and STSC.

As a Public Relations Consultant, she has worked in a large international agency in London, in mid-size PR agencies and had her own boutique PR Consultancy. 


Alison worked as a Public Relations Consultant for top London agency Hill & Knowlton UK, on campaigns such as the successful Athens 2004 Olympic Bid, and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award with Buckingham Palace, London.  


She has specialised in Sponsorship & Special Event Coordination, including projects Icewalk:  with eight men from different countries walking to the North Pole to highlight environmental damage, the Great Canon Taxi Ride from London to Sydney raising money for children's hospital charities and several National Trust Heritage Week’s. 


Alison has worked as a Fine Art Curator, Gallery Director and Contemporary Art Dealer for 22 years in Sydney, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.  When in New York she was selected as an Associate Fine Art Dealer with Sotheby’s, specialising in Fine Art Photography, and has been the Director of three art galleries, two in Sydney and one in SoHo, New York.

As a Project Manager and Special Events Coordinator, she has worked both in her own large art gallery spaces plus as a Contractor while running her own boutique PR, Marketing and Special Event Consultancy including an Australia Day and Citizenship Ceremony for the Mayor of Burwood, Sydney.


Through her extensive travels throughout the world, both for work and fun, that she increased her love of art, design and fashion.

Originally from rural NSW city, Orange, Alison has a powerful connection to the hard-working people of the land and the numerous environmental impacts of non-sustainable practices, as she talks about here in her Stories Blog.


It was during her first trip to India in 2008, that Alison became connected to the country and its people.  And after marrying her husband from Kerala, they now have a 9-year-old Indian-Australian son named Watson and stay closely connected to their Indian family.

Please follow our journey via social media and our Stories Blog.


Cheers Alison and Watson, my little eco-warrior and inspiration.

STSC also choose to work with companies  who we admire:

After a quick google search, it became an easy decision to choose Bank Australia to bank with.  They are very easy to use of course, but its their ethics and focus that impressed me, from choosing not to support fossil-fuels, by creating a Reconciliation Action Plan in collaboration with Reconciliation Australia, through to owning a Conservation Reserve in Victoria - a world first for a bank and very impressive indeed.

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We're doing this mindfully by being Australia's first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service (and a certified B Corporation).